I woke up this morning feeling very thankful for the special people in my life. When I stop and look at the last several years… I wouldn’t be where I am without my family and friends.

For some reason Ben and I have been blessed with such a supportive family and incredible friends. We absolutely love how they support and encourage us in all aspects of our life- our marriage, our small businesses, as parents, and friends and as believers.

Here are just a few of the many that have played a huge role in our lives over the last several years.

This is a shot of the 40+ people that gathered last weekend for our monthly cornhole tournament. Our church community from Destination Church  is just unreal. I could do an entire blog post on our church family and how they have impacted our lives. Ben and I love every one of them. Couldn’t imagine doing life without them! They are super supportive in all aspects of life.

Then, here’s a picture of my mom and my sister. These two know how to laugh!! The three of us just get each other. Sometimes laughing with them is better than any conversation with words.

And, my mom and dad… love these two. They have always pushed me, encouraged me, and compelled me to reach for my dreams- no matter how crazy my dreams are. My dad is basically my business partner. He’s my mentor, my motivator, and often times my counselor! haha – He’s one of the wisest men I know.

And, then there’s my husband. Words can’t even describe my love for him. God blessed me with a husband that truly loves me for me. I seriously couldn’t do what I am doing right now without him and all that he does physically, emotionally, and spiritually for our family.

And, then there’s Sharon! I met this wonderful woman last fall when Ben and I scheduled a family session with her. We drove to Smithfield, VA for the session and while we were there she shared her love of photography and her story with me. She sparked something in me and doors started to open. Several weeks later I purchased my first ‘real’ camera. She’s taken me under her wing during the last year, mentored me, and helped me. I consider her to be such a great friend now! God certainly crossed our paths  for a reason!

There have been more people than I can even list in this blog post that have influenced me, or played a major role in my life. I just woke up this morning and really felt very thankful. I simply wanted to share and say thank you to all of those reading this that have contributed to my life and my family’s lives!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!



Be careful what you wish for…

On Saturday my girls and I headed out for a ‘Girls day’.

Our day consisted of slurpies, Chick-fil-a, getting books from the library, getting our nails done, shopping, and spending time at the park!

During our day I really had the opportunity reflect on how quickly our girls had grown.

  • I remembered how I used to think that having only one child was equivalent to holding the weight of the world.
  • I remembered how I would have paid a million dollars for 1 full night of sleep when Omi was a baby.
  • I remembered thinking that I would be so happy when my girls could hold their own bottles, or when I could dump the diaper bag.
  • I remembered how I used to complain about what it took just to go to Target or Walmart.
  • I remembered thinking that I would love it if my kids could just say what they wanted so that I could make them stop crying.
  • I remembered looking at Kenzi’s little fingers and toes and her sweet face – and wishing that she would never grow up all the while knowing she would.
  • I remembered thinking that the day our kids could walk and we could ditch the 40lb. stroller… now that would be an awesome day!

I remembered all these things about the last 6 years in our home. Then, it occurred to me…

that all those things have happened

and now I can’t keep up…

I’m trying to be much better about not wishing away the daily ‘inconveniences’ that come with raising children. I’m trying to embrace them as blessings.

When I am doing 13 other things and my kids ask me to color a fairy princess or Thomas the Train- I am making the choice to drop all 13 things and color.

Because, one day I won’t be able to keep up. They’ll be driving, hanging with their friends, going to college, getting married, or pursing their careers & I’m sure that coloring a fairy princess with them will be something that my heart longs for when those times come – just like I long to hold them in my arms like an infant now.

So, be careful what you wish away… instead of wishing it away – live it away.

What can you do to ‘live’ with your kids today?